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About This Price Guide:

There is no such thing as an exact value for a specific record, even assumed a standardized, comparable condition and a specific snapshot in time. The value of a record - defined as in what you could sell it for, or what you would have to pay if you wanted to buy one - depends on a variety of criteria which I will detail below.

First, let us determine what exactly we are talking about. This price guide lists values for original first pressings in Near Mint condition (both record and cover), including all inserts that originally came with the first release, just as custom inner sleeve, posters, lyric sheets, and more. If you have a copy that doesn't match all these critera it will we worth less, often significantly less than what is listed here or in any other price guide you will find.

Near Mint condition (see grading) means a record that is virtually flawless, which we consider the best possible condition for a used record. It does not mean a clean Mint, pristine and unplayed record, nor does it mean a sealed copy. Values for pure Mint unplayed archive copies of very rare albums are usually worth (much) more than what is listed in this guide, whereas the value for a sealed copy depends on that specific item and isn't automatically higer than for a Near Mint copy as the condition of the vinyl is unproven and if you wanted to listen to the record it obviously won't be sealed anymore anyway.

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